Company Formation and Corporate Services

TBI is able to offer advice and provide assistance relating to the formation of local companies, investment vehicles, and other structures, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and recommending trusted business partners. TBI can provide further support upon setup, representing the clients and their interests in Mauritius. Find out more

Residence, Permits and Immigration

We can help formulate the most appropriate way to acquire residence considering the unique circumstances of the client, their global income, tax liabilities and intentions to operate and live in Mauritius. We will then devise a structured timetable providing clear expectation of the process and requirements. Find out more

Relocation and Concierge

We understand that it is a major and daunting event moving a family to another country. We take as much stress away as we can. We can provide advice and guidance in all manner of pre-arrival support, such as finding accommodation and a school. We then can assist with orientation services, and even provide concierge services for the first few months so that the whole family is well supported. We can arrange live-in butlers and chefs, drivers and other staff as well as guide on the medical, life and other insurances required and other practicalities such as buying cars and local utility companies. Find out more

Investment and Property

Whether to be used to get a residence permit or just for investment purposes, real estate in Mauritius is very popular. We are independent and work with all the most credible agents and developers, both of which can be very unreliable here,  to assist with finding the right property. We provide credible options with clear breakdowns of costs and timeframes along the way. We understand the law around this area and what developers need to make sure that the investor is well protected, from their insurance certificates, bank guarantees to reputation on previous work. Find out more